David Vigne

With David's expertise in information systems, he has updated our entire network and brought our system infrastructure up to a level matching our company's commitment to perfection. Since putting our state-of-the-art Gigabit network into action, along with our new shop managing & job tracking `E2 Shop Software'. His days at United CNC Machining usually consist of maintaining the network and our communications infrastructure, implementing any new technologies United CNC Machining acquires, training our staff on any new programs and systems he implements. Recently David has expanded into web design and SEO activities to assist our business development team.

Although United CNC Machining is very fortunate to currently have David managing our IT systems, he formerly put his meticulous nature to another use. Before hiring into United CNC, David previously studied at the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine to become a Veterinarian. He has worked as a Veterinary Surgeon's Assistant, specializing in soft tissue & orthopedic surgery. Like all computer nerds, even David's hobbies require a fastidious personality; he enjoys designing, building, & flying R/C airplanes, ham radios, fish keeping, and restoring his classic 1972 Chevy Truck.