Jason Nihranz

Jason is every customer’s best friend, as he is in charge of expediting and manages all incoming & outgoing shipments from the business. Additionally, he has recently been involved with business development and has been a point of contact for many of our valued customers. Always positive, Jason exudes enthusiasm for his job and cheers up all those around him, keeping the operators working at an upbeat pace. Basically, a lifer at United CNC Machining, Jason was hired in 1998 and we’ve been lucky enough to have him ever since!

Jason’s main pastime is spending time with his family; however, this time is made all the more special if it is spent camping in Michigan’s wilderness, as he is an avid outdoorsman, (although, he happens to be the type of “outdoorsman” who prefers having all the comforts of home while he is outdoors, which is why he brings his camper along with all the amenities of a 5-star hotel on his camping “excursions”).