Mark Mau

Mark's position at the company has evolved over the years. Joining team United CNC Machining in 1994, Mark came with a wealth of high-precision aero-space machining experience - over 15 years back then! When he first started, he was our "go-to" mill-hand whenever we had a very complex, tedious job that needed to be done right the first time. Over the years, as United CNC Machining accumulated more and more highly-skilled machinists who matched his skill-level, Mark was freed up to take on more roles at the organization, including process engineering, tool and fixture design, and machining supervisor.

An avid bodybuilder, Mark works out daily at his home gym. He spends his free time doing activities with his wife, such as bicycling, training for marathons and fishing, although, he is occasionally able to go hunting without his beloved spouse (if he gets a signed permission-slip from her first). Mark's most cherished accomplishment is holding the current arm-wrestling championship at United CNC Machining.