Tooling & Automation

On Time Tooling & Gauges for Your Production Line

United CNC Machining has great expertise in crafting specialty tooling and gauges. For over 30 years we have manufactured gauges, assemblies, tooling, fixtures and components for all major industries, including automotive, alternative energy, aerospace and more.

Downtime is a reality for any manufacturer. Whether you need one special tool or multiple standard tools, we will keep your lines producing. Our shop is equipped with 32+ machining centers ready to receive your hot tooling or gauge order. We work continuously to develop innovative techniques to manufacture your parts quickly, with zero defects. We want you to be able to develop your products, while we reliably supply all your tooling and gauge needs.

For standard deliveries, short deliveries and same day urgent deliveries we are the place to call. We understand the costs when a machine is down or your production line is not moving on its proper schedule. We have built our business by ensuring we can supply your spare tooling and gauges in the timeframe you need.