Alternative Energy

United CNC Machining welcomes the challenge to continue to develop components for the evolving industry of Alternative Energy. We look forward to manufacturing parts to help the world become more efficient with its energy usage as well as reducing the amount of pollutants put into the atmosphere with traditional methods of creating energy.

Within the past 40 years we have had the opportunity to help multiple customers build specialized components to assist with their development of producing alternative energy. We have manufactured components for turbines, solar power systems, electrification generating components and alternative energy vehicles. With our close relationship with the Big 3 auto companies we not only help them manufacture components on vehicles we also help with their continued development with electric vehicles, supplying the "Big 3" Automakers with any component needed.

Most recently, we are working with development of hydrogen fuel cell power heads.

We look forward to making the world more efficient with the resources we currently have. We strive to continue to develop innovative techniques to manufacture your part quicker and more accurately than our competitors while delivering early or on time with zero defects. United CNC Machining is your one stop shop for all your machining needs.