Jason Charest

Jason has been around the precision machining industry most all his life, although his career at United CNC Machining first began with a rigorous training program in the janitorial arts when he was in middle school. Since those illustrious beginnings, he has gone on to apprentice in every department at United CNC Machining, specializing in CNC Milling/CNC Programming, Quality Inspection, & Auditing. During periodic breaks from employment from United CNC Machining, he has graduated from Boston University & received a ‘Bachelor of Science & Business Administration’ (BSBA) degree, with dual majors in ‘Operations & Technology Management’ & ‘Business Law’, as well as a law degree (JD) from the University of Detroit-Mercy School of Law. He is currently the in-house legal representative for United CNC Machining, in addition to his involvement in engineering, and programming.

When Jason is not at his “home away from home,” he enjoys further study in different fields of trade work, legal studies, and World/US history. As a former MMA competitor, his hobbies continue to include physical fitness, training in jujitsu, judo, wrestling & boxing. But most of all Jason enjoys the sunny (even rainy) days he gets to ride his Harley Davidson, (a bad habit inherited from his father).